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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are home care services?

Home care services assist people with health and medical conditions that can be treated at home. Home health aides assist with personal care and basic health care needs.

Skilled health care services may include home visits and rehabilitative support from registered nurses (RNs), physical therapists, occupational therapists, or speech therapists. Medicare will pay for home care when skilled services are necessary, usually following a surgery or acute care stay in a hospital or facility.

How does our VNS Home Care assure continuity of care?

VNS Home Care knows that patients and their families want care from professions they know and trust.  VNS Home Care prides itself on its low staff turnover, and we notify patients if a substitute staff person will be visiting instead of a patient's regular caregivers. 

How does VNS Home Care develop a Patient's care plan?

The RN case manager works with patients and their families to identify a list of needs and concerns. This information is reviewed by your physician as needed.

What are "ADLs"?

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are the basic activities involved with personal care and household chores.  Examples of ADLs are bathing, dressing, toileting; or managing personal health care, medications, appointments, and disease processes.

What are common situations that may prompt the need for home care services?

  • medical emergency
  • change in chronic illness or condition
  • infusion therapy
  • wound care

What are the goals of home care?

The goals of VNS Home Care are to enable patients to remain at home with dignity, maximize their independence and ensure their safety.

Can my home health aide help with medications?

When a schedule is developed/provided by medical professionals, your caregiver may remind you to take medications at the appropriate times.  However, your aide cannot assist or administer the medication.

What does it mean to be "home bound"?

Being "home bound" means you are unable to leave your home or that it takes considerable and challenging effort to leave your home. Persons are considered home bound if they have an illness or injury which restricts their ability to leave the home unless assisted by others.

What are my rights as a home care patient?

Federal law dictates that all home care patients must be informed of their rights and responsibilities. VNS Home Care will provide a summary of the patient's rights and responsibilities that are consistent with Iowa state laws.

Will my insurance cover my home health care needs?

Most insurance carriers, including Medicare, Medicaid and private plans will cover home health that is deemed medically necessary if the patient meets certain coverage requirements.

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